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State of Iowa 2A Girls Tennis Rankings

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Iowa Girls High School Tennis

The site displays rankings for Iowa girls 2A tennis players, doubles teams and school squads.  Rankings begin in 1994, the first year Iowa adopted a two class system for girls high school tennis, and continue to the present.  The rankings are calculated based on data collected for 46,000 singles and doubles matches played by over 6,000 players from 57 schools in 4,500 meets and 500 tournaments.

The method used to compute rankings is based on the Elo system, named after Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor, who devised a statistical system to rank chess players.  See methodology for a detailed description of the application of the Elo system to IGHS-Tennis.

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This site is not an official site and is not sanctioned by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Association, which maintains the official records for Iowa girls high school tennis.


SINGLES RANKINGS  All-time singles rankings and singles rankings for each year from 1994 to the present for all players, positions and grades.

DOUBLES RANKINGS  All-time doubles rankings and doubles rankings for each year from 1994 to the present for all doubles teams and positions.

SQUAD RANKINGS  All-time squad rankings and squad rankings for each year from 1994 to the present.

BEST OF RANKINGS  All-time singles, doubles and squad rankings for each school.